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Unit 50, Park West Road Park West Industrial Park, Dublin 12, Ireland

Reviewed on April 23, 2020. #1 of 1 Reviews

Failed Delivery and failed customer service
Late on 31 March ordered 2 x 5L oil, with an expected delivery time of 6 -10 days max, but now 23 April and still no oil! Their “Mickey” certainly does not believe in any real customer service! He/they won’t consider making a refund until items are returned but as they have never been delivered in the first place! After endless emails they are still totally unhelpful and have not even chased their delivery company to progress this matter. Obviously I do not want the oil now as have purchased from a far more reliable and customer-focused company.

So now decided the only way to get my rightful refund is to claim via the courts, which is expensive but ultimately they will have to pay for providing a poor level of customer service. So beware of their claims of “Fast Shipping”, “No-Hassle Returns” as obviously they have absolutely no such concept, let alone service. They picked the delivery method and hence are responsible and legally bound to ensure the goods are delivered in a timely manner – obviously this has not happened and yet they still do nothing to chase their delivery company!!

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