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At the Indoor Grow Shop we are Irelands leading stockists of Grow Tents, Grow Lights, Hydroponics Equipment and basically anything you require for a successful indoor growing system.

From Ballasts, to LEDs, Intake and outtake fans, and Aeroponic systems, PH EC meters, Ducting, CO2 equipment, Carbon Filters Thermometers, propagators, Soil, Coco, Nutrients, Odour and pest control. We simply have it all. We carry all of the brands you know and love.

Our comprehensive online indoor growing store continues to grow each week and we ship the length and breath of Ireland. We are incredibly passionate about providing our customers the best, brightest, latest and greatest hydroponic products to hit the market.

This means that when dealing with us you can be sure your using the leading hydroponics nutrients, additives and boosters, energy efficient hydroponic lighting (including digital ballasts), highly advanced hydroponic climate conditions control, hydroponic growing mediums, and all the other bits and pieces you may need to ensure a supe successful indoor growing system.

We also stock a comprehensive range, from all of the leading brands, of hydroponic grow tent kits that include the items required to get started. So we cater to those people who are just getting started, all the way up to those of you who are advanced growers and operating more sophisticated growing systems

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