Central Dental Clinic


Central Dental Clinic is Dublin’s leading super dentistry hospital. Our team of expert dentists gives you the best of modern healthcare to ensure you stay healthy. Dental practices are becoming very crucial these days and Central Dental Clinic offers the best dental infrastructure in Dublin. Located at the heart of Dublin in Lucan Village, opposite to AIB bank, Central Dental Clinic is a leading, multi-specialty dental and surgical care centre. Using state-of-art equipments and modern technologies, we provide advanced best treatments for craniofacial and skull deformities, facial defects, face and jaw bone fractures, dental and oral maxillofacial diseases. We are a certified dental hospital providing world-class oral health care.
We are globally renowned for comprehensive facial deformity correction including cleft lip cleft palate surgery, facial trauma care, and corrective nose surgery, inter-disciplinary care for complex craniofacial syndromes, cosmetic nose correction (nose job) and jaw correction. We employ pioneering innovations in dental surgeries and dental care

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