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Sebastian has started his journey with photography at a very young age.

He wanted to photograph the world as he sees it, in a very unique and creative way.

He quickly realised that he would like to capture people’s lives and emotions with his photography.

After exploring different styles and working on different projects, his interest turned to wedding

It was a magical moment, when he photographed his first wedding.

From the very first few shots he became aware that this is exactly what he would love to do,
it inspired him.

Sebastian is passionate and truly in love with his job.

Those qualities not only make him good but also make him really care for your special day.

He wants to capture and present all of the beauty, sentiment, emotion and creativity of your wedding.

He realises the hard work that was put into the preparation of your special day and will work with you to
meet any wishes and expectations you might have.

With an incredible attention to detail, he will photograph your wedding day, each photograph as beautiful
and as important as the next.

You will be able to cherish the moments for the lifetime, and see the little things you did not think anyone
would notice.

His style can be described as creative, clean, romantic and artistic.

He will not only photograph your wedding, but become a part of it.

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